Fee Structure

We believe in being transparent about everything we do at Nash & Co, so we ensure you understand our fee structure and our obligations to each other before you decide whether to engage our services.

Our fee structure falls into three types: Fixed Fee, Hourly Fee or No-Win, No-Fee.

Fixed Fee means we agree in advance to do a certain amount of work, or to complete a specific task, for a pre-agreed amount of money. If it takes us longer, it won’t cost you a penny more.

Hourly Fee means we charge you by the hour for the work we do for you. We will usually give you an estimate of how long the work may take, but in some fields of work it can be impossible to quantify in advance – in which case, we will keep you informed, discuss progress at intervals, and update you regularly on the fees that have accrued so far. The hourly fees we charge can also depend on the experience or the seniority of the person who handles your case.

No-Win, No-Fee, sometimes called a Conditional Fee Arrangement, means we may take on your case at our own financial risk – ie, if we win for you, you pay us… and if we’re unsuccessful, we don’t charge you anything. If you’re considering such an arrangement, we’ll be happy to give you full details.

For more information on our fee structure, please give us a ring on 01752 664444 or e-mail us at law@nash.co.uk

For details on how to make a payment, go to our How To Pay Us page