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Civil & Commercial Dispute Resolution

Commercial disputes can have business-closing consequences. At the very least they can be a drain on your finances, your time and your emotions.

And when delicate personal or commercial relationships are involved, going to court isn’t always the most sensible option.

Fortunately, we at Nash & Co are adept at using behind-the-scenes negotiation or Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve commercial disputes – an approach that has won us an enviable reputation among clients who have avoided the cost, uncertainty and sometimes pyrrhic victories associated with going to court.

But when litigation is unavoidable, we will support you all the way through and represent you in court, though we won’t take on your case unless we believe we can save or recover your money.

We can deal with every sort of commercial dispute imaginable, from debt recovery and intellectual property clashes to defending you or your company against prosecution by the police, Trading Standards, the Vehicle Inspectorate, or HMRC.

We recently successfully settled a dispute for a client in the care sector in relation to the mis-selling of a loan product

We believe in giving you pragmatic and commercially realistic legal advice, and we’ll meet you at home or at work if that’s easier for you.

Our specialists are good listeners who will give you their e-mail addresses and direct-dial numbers and be there when you need them – not just during office hours.

So put us to the test by giving us a call now on 01752 664444 or e-mailing us at


“Put very simply, Ian saved our business and ensured that we can continue to care for vulnerable people.  I approached him at an extremely delicate time when we were faced with administration  and had been let down badly by our former solicitor.  His level of service was extraordinary, guiding us through a very difficult situation, managing our expectations and securing a settlement in our favour that provides security, stability and enables us to build for the future.  If you are experiencing a commercial difficulty I strongly suggest you speak to Ian, I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

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