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Our team advises on the full range of risk, regulatory, compliance and governance issues facing business.

Risk management is evolving to meet the challenge of building a sustainable business.  Dealing pro-actively with regulation and regulatory change forms part of the overall risk management landscape. Additionally for our retainer clients a member of our Regulatory team will be pleased to attend your board meetings to assist you in making decisions concerning any regulatory issues your business faces. Please contact us if you would like further details.

We stay ahead of changes in the law so that you don’t have to and we see forecasting and advance warning measures as part of our role. Because we understand this sector we are able to provide greater insight to our clients and our aim is always to try to find opportunities out of regulatory challenge that can lead to competitive advantage.

The team is able to advise in relation to legal risk and liability assessments. Ian Veater (Partner) is responsible for the team and has defended many prosecutions brought by the Health & Safety Executive, Environment Agency and Local Authorities.

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