care home fees

Paying your Care Home Fees?

Had to sell your home to pay for care?

Wanted your family to inherit your assets?

Family member died in care after self-funding?

If your primary need is deemed to be health related rather than social care, the NHS will meet your care costs regardless of your financial position. This sounds too good to be true but the sting in the tail is the assessment process which determines whether your needs are really health based. This could be mental or physical health but the criteria and assessment process to qualify is both complex and challenging.

At Nash & Co we have supported a huge number of families by attending both assessments and appeals and have been instrumental in saving and recovering millions of pounds in care home fees which should rightfully have be paid by the NHS. We can do this even after that person has died.

As we are solicitors,  you can be assured of our ethics and integrity and unlike many other organizations, we truly offer a service which does not cost anything at all if we are unsuccessful in claiming back or saving you care fees.

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