Personal Legal Services

Whatever it is that’s bothering you, we’re here to help. And you’ll find we’re well-qualified to do that – not just because we’re solicitors, but because we’re human beings, too… people with lives, wives, husbands, children, neighbours, pets, cars and homes. Just like you.

So when you come to us for help, we can think ourselves into your shoes, see the problem from your point of view, and understand how you feel.

Then we can use the hundreds of years of legal expertise we have between us to set about solving your problem.

We appreciate, too, that you might be nervous or uncomfortable about talking to a solicitor. But any apprehensions you might have will vanish when you realise how approachable and understanding we are.

Whatever the issue, we’ll tell you in plain English what your options are – and whether the right remedy is a solicitor’s letter, mediation, or court action, we’ll hold your hand all the way through.

You name it, we can deal with it. Whether your problem involves a matrimonial dispute, child custody, trouble at work, noisy neighbours, care home fees, wills, speeding fines, copyright, inheritance, buying or selling a home, or any one of a hundred other issues, we’ll be on your side and at your side with all the advice you need.

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can begin to take that weight off your mind. So give us a call now on 01752 664444 or e-mail us at and we can start making things better for you.