Hilary Cragg

Elderly & Vulnerable Clients

When things get scary….

  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Stroke Survivors
  • Learning Disabled
  • Other Vulnerable people

Nash & Co Solicitors can provide the support you need.

When you are caring for a loved one and they are ill for some reason, who do you turn to to help sort out your legal problems?

Our team has dealt with many individuals and their families and we understand that this is a distressing situation for everyone involved.

At a time when things are tough going, it is great to know that there is someone on your side, who understands the process and can help and support you or your loved one.

We have helped clients with many conditions, including dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, learning disabilities, and damage caused by a stroke. We can help people with many other medical conditions and disabilities too.

We can help with:

NHS Continuing Care claims:

If you have a primary healthcare need, then the NHS should pay for the whole of the cost of your assessed needs.

This process can be very confusing and distressing. Do you need

i. Advice on this issue?

ii. Help to apply for Continuing Healthcare Funding?

iii. Help to appeal a negative decision?

iv. Someone to represent you?

Funding disputes with the Local Authority:

If the cost of your care is means tested:

i. Has the Local Authority applied the rules correctly?

ii. Is there something that you think they wrongly assessed?

We can advise, assist or represent you.

Creating or amending a Will…

…so that your estate can be dealt with in due course in accordance with your wishes. We can advise on all aspects of Will preparation and explain everything in simple terms, so that you can easily understand the whole process.

Powers of Attorney:

If you need support with managing your affairs, we can help create Lasting Powers of Attorney, so your family can act on your behalf in respect of your financial affairs.
You can also appoint someone to make medical and social care decisions for you, should you lose mental capacity in the future.

Loss of Capacity

If your loved one has lost mental capacity, and you need advice in acting on their behalf, we can:

i. Advise you in your capacity as their Attorney or Deputy

ii. Assist in any applications to the Court of Protection. For example, if a loved one has lost capacity and not created Lasting Powers of Attorney, you may need to apply for a Deputyship Order.

iii. Provide representation at a Best Interests Meeting, if there is a dispute about how your loved one is cared for.

iv. Help you apply for a Deprivation of Liberty Authorisation. This may be needed if your loved one is placed under continuous supervision and control, in a care home, for example, and is not free to leave, and lacks capacity to consent to these arrangements.


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