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If there’s one thing worse than having to contemplate your own death, it must be thinking about what could happen to your most precious possessions if you died without making a will.

Not only could your treasures go to all the wrong people – along with every last penny of your money, too – but you could even end up leaving the lot to the Chancellor of the Exchequer!

Before anyone cries “Over my dead body”, that’s exactly what the people who left the Chancellor £53 million last year would have said if they’d realised the consequences of dying intestate – ie, without leaving a will.

If they had their time again, they wouldn’t need us to convince them that making a will is simply less painful than the alternative.

Sadly, it’s too late for them. But not for you. With a well-written will, you can decide who should inherit your money, your property, and your favourite things – and you can ensure that the undeserving, Chancellors included, don’t get their hands on it.

Some people do it themselves with a form from the corner shop, confident, no doubt, that they understand the intricacies of the laws of inheritance and probate, the tax implications of their intentions, what would happen if the executor or any of the beneficiaries died before they did, and the numerous interpretations that could be put on their words in a court of law if the will were challenged.

But you may prefer to entrust the writing of your will to us. We know the law inside out and have years of experience of helping people like you express your intentions as unambiguously as possible.

We can discuss your needs from an unemotional, detached perspective – something you might find difficult to do with relatives or potential beneficiaries – and it’s our job to point out the many pitfalls that can catch out the unwary.

We can make it even easier for you by visiting you at home, at work, in hospital, or in a nursing home.

So if you’d like to talk to us in confidence about writing or updating your will, give us a call now on 01752 664444 or e-mail us at law@nash.co.uk


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