Approach & Values

We don’t just do things right. We do the right thing.

We believe in putting client service at the very top of our priorities. This means avoiding legal jargon where possible, giving honest, straightforward advice with understanding and empathy and providing actual solutions to problems, rather than simply stating the law.  

We place a huge emphasis on listening. Understanding our clients means knowing as much as possible about them, their day to day circumstances, their current and future needs, and their expectations of us. This requires us to do a lot more than simply work closely with our clients; it means investing considerable time getting to know them and understanding the issues at hand, it means putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes to understand what they need, and it means doing everything that we can to enhance their experience of Nash & Co. We’re then able to offer a more flexible, personal service that is tailored specifically to our clients and their needs.

And while we are proud of our heritage and present-day standards, our focus is very firmly on the future; helping our clients to grow and become more successful by continuing to recruit and invest in the best people, and the latest technology and working practices. These all ensure that we continue to deliver the best service and the right results.

Finally, but very importantly, it’s a priority to us that we are recognised as a responsible law firm, one which uses its skills and resources to make a valuable and positive impact in our local community.