Building Brands

The South West’s marketing and brand event.

We’re delighted to invite you to attend Building Brands – a new marketing and brand event for the South West of England.

Devon and Cornwall suffers from a lack of quality, dedicated marketing events. Having had to travel a fair distance to attend a number of them, we thought “why don’t we just start our own?!” So that’s what we’ve done, and hey presto! Building Brands was born! Feedback from those that we have talked to about the idea has been fantastic, and we’re really excited about what ‘s shaping up to be a key event for anyone in the marketing industry.

Date: March 25th
Time: 12 noon to 5pm
Place: Sherwell Church, University of Plymouth, PL4 8ER
Cost: £25 per person, including lunch

What’s it all about?

Our principle aim for Building Brands is to help create more of a marketing “community” for the area. As part of this, we also want to see interesting and innovative conferences take place roughly every 6 months or so. We want to bring some of the brightest minds from across the UK to talk to you. They’ll be from a combination of agencies and companies, and they’ll introduce you to new techniques, new ways of thinking, and examples of how they have done it… and succeeded.

We want Building Brands to be a little bit different. We want it to be more engaging, interesting and enjoyable than your typical stuffy corporate conference. As you leave, we hope you’ll already be saving the date in your diaries for the next one! We’ll have some interesting things going on during the day that you might not have seen before, and that I think will be of real interest. We don’t believe in creating ‘average’. There’s just no point.

Who’s it for?

The event is for anyone involved in the marketing industry. We wanted to keep the price as low as we could to enable marketing ‘teams’ to come along. When the marketing team here at Nash & Co attended an event in Bristol recently, we each took completely different things from it. So with this in mind, we wanted to create an opportunity for other marketing teams to come to Building Brands without the barriers of expensive tickets and long journeys. If marketing is involved in your job role, then we guarantee that there will be something for you at Building Brands.

Why’s a law firm running a marketing event?

Quite simply, because there’s a need for an event like this, and we wanted to fill it! We’re well connected across the area, and our primary goal as a firm is to help individuals and businesses whenever and wherever we can. By providing the latest and best thought leadership, and by giving fantastic examples of innovation, expertise and creativity, we’ll be helping businesses across the South West. We also have experience in delivering some really good events.

What else?

People always want 4 things when attending conferences:

  • to hear interesting speakers
  • to come away with some ideas or inspiration for the future
  • to meet interesting new people
  • to eat good food!

Too often, not enough thought goes into each of these. But we’ve been working on this for a few months, and think we’ve got them pretty much nailed. You want great speakers? We have them. Interesting topics? Absolutely. Meet new people? There’ll be lots! Finally, you want good food? We’ve tried it and… we love it!

We’ve also recruited some great partners that you’re really going to benefit from meeting at the event, and we have a couple of fantastic sponsors involved as well:

We’ll keep you informed between now and the event with regular updates – speaker profiles, details about our partners, and lots of other interesting stuff.

Your feedback is going to be key to making the event even better next time. We’ve done what we can to put together what we think is going to be pretty awesome. But we don’t for one minute imagine that there won’t be tweaks and small changes needed for the next one. Your feedback’s going to be priceless to us.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are on sale right now! You can get them, together with more information about the event by CLICKING THIS LINK. We hope to see you in March! If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]