Possession Claims

We have experience of acting for national and international banks and lenders, and supporting our clients through claims for repossession as well as orders for sale.

How can we help?

We work with the court system to ensure that we deal with opponents fairly but with a view to ensuring a fair outcome is delivered for clients and debtors alike, and an exceptional client service is delivered.

What do we do?

We ensure that we create a tailored system of working to ensure that we report to our clients when and how they need. We ensure that we can manage possession claims fairly and consistently. We deal with each case promptly and in an agile way to ensure the best possible outcome.

We have experience of recovering all types of property, nationwide.  We can help with disputes which include:

  • Mortgage arrears recovery or shortfall
  • Orders for Sale
  • International service and enforcement
  • Trespass claims
  • Landlord and Tenant issues

Our aim is to resolve disputes and not to create them, and so use techniques deal with case efficiently but individually.

Please contact Jamie Carr on 01752 827014 or email him on [email protected]