Commercial Debt Recovery

We have many years’ experience in helping our business clients recover debts or resolve disputes no matter how large or small, with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome in our service.

How can we help?

We use innovative and strategy to try and achieve the best results possible. We work with our clients to try and understand what is at the heart of any dispute and to devise tactics to resolve even the most long-standing issues.

What do we do?

We ensure that communication is at the heart of our service, and keep clients up to date with what is happening and aim to report efficiently and effectively to provide our clients’ with practical advice on what steps can be taken.

We have experience of resolving disputes and recovery all types of debt, no matter how complex.  Our first class service includes:

  • Giving realistic Cost Benefit analysis of litigation
  • Bespoke reporting on recoveries
  • Injunctions and interim applications
  • Recovery of overpayments and mistaken payments
  • Commercial Agents commission disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Director’s Loan recoveries
  • Reputation management and defamation
  • Construction industry debt recovery
  • Retention monies recoveries

We will always try to go the extra mile, and while we advise on disputes and how to resolve them, our aim is to pre-empt future problems which may arise and assist our clients in finding ways to resolve and protect their businesses from future risk.

Please contact Jamie Carr on 01752 827014 or email him on [email protected]

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