Intellectual Property (IP)

Our Dispute Resolution Team regularly advises both businesses and individuals on how to manage and protect the intellectual property they have developed within brands, designs, literary, artistic and musical works. Some forms of IP arise automatically whilst others must be registered to attract protection. Our team will advise on to what extent your IP is protected and what your options are in terms of preventing others from exploiting your rights.

“We understand that Intellectual Property is a vital asset which encourages innovation and is often a business’s most valuable commodity. We recognise that IP law can be complex and our priority is to ensure we find a pragmatic, cost effective solution to any dispute”
Jamie Carr, Head of Commercial Dispute Resolution team

Have your Intellectual Property (IP) rights been infringed?

IP rights are infringed where IP, which is protected by the law, is used, copied or exploited without the consent of the owners. Whether you believe your IP is being infringed or whether you have been accused of infringing another person’s rights, it is important to take legal advice at the earliest opportunity. IP infringements can be costly and understanding your position, rights and exposure at an early stage can make the difference in ensuring a successful resolution.

What experience do we have in this area?

Our team is experienced in dealing with a range of IP issues, such as a breach of confidence, copyright, trademark, passing-off, patent and design right infringements. Our experienced team will advise on whether the IP is being used lawfully, how it can be best be protected and how your rights can be enforced. Where IP has been infringed we can advise on remedies available, which may include the following:-

  • An injunction against the perpetrator, preventing their future infringement;
  • The destruction of or delivery up of the infringing material;
  • Compensation for the infringement. The amount that may be awarded will be based either on the loss suffered by the owner or the profit obtained by the infringer.

How will we work with you?

Whether you are an individual, start-up, SME or international business we are experienced in bringing and defending actions on behalf of a range of client across a range of sectors. We aim to work closely with in house legal and management teams in formulating an approach based on your individual objectives. Our priority is to understand your particular business concerns and provide a tailored strategy. In this way we can provide pragmatic, effective solutions that protects your IP and results in cost savings.  

What next?

Should you have any questions or be seeking advice or help, please feel free to call Jamie Carr for an initial discussion. Jamie’s email address is [email protected] or you can call him on 01752 827014

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