Shareholder Disputes

No one enters into business expecting a dispute with their business partners. However, sometimes disputes are unavoidable. This is particularly true where there is a minority shareholder and they feel their rights are being prejudiced by those with majority shares. At Nash & Co. our experienced team routinely advises both companies and individual shareholders on resolving such disputes.

“Shareholder disputes can be difficult and complex especially where there is no shareholder agreement and when animosity exists between the various parties. Clients are always encouraged to take early advice to minimise the likely effect that such disruption has on you and your business.”
Ieuan Jones, Solicitor

What experience do we have?

We have significant experience in advising both majority as well as minority shareholders, who typically will have little power in determining the running of a business, or their rights. This is often necessary where shareholders feel their rights have been prejudiced by majority owners. This can also be the case where the decisions taken by majority owners diminishes the value of shareholdings or otherwise unfairly prejudices minority shareholders

Has the Minority Shareholder been prejudiced?

Minority shareholders can seek relief from the court when they feel their rights have been unfairly prejudiced. If the court find the minority shareholder has been prejudiced it will typically order that the minority shareholding is purchased for a fair price by the majority shareholders. As a result, often resolution of shareholder disputes is typically in both parties’ best interests.

What next?

Here at Nash & Co we have experience of acting for both minority and majority shareholders. Should you wish to have a discrete initial chat, please get in touch with Jamie Carr. Jamie’s email address is [email protected] or you can call him on 01752 827014

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