Company Formations

A new company can be started within just a few minutes on the internet. But does this offer you the safety and security that a properly formed company will offer?

Why should you use a lawyer for company formations?

There are countless websites offering you the opportunity to start a new company within minutes. There are definitely times when this is all that someone needs. But more often than not, a more comprehensive, tailored service is needed in order to ensure everything is properly taken care of and that the correct structure is in place to cater for the businesses ongoing needs. This is where Nash & Co’s expert commercial lawyers can step in. Not only will we create your company for you with a constitution that meets your needs, but we can also advise you on the terms for the relationship between the members of the company so that suitable agreements are in place that will mitigate against prolonged and expensive disputes in the future.

Our team of experienced lawyers will guide you through the process. We’ll complete the necessary paperwork with you and submit your application to Companies House. We’ll make sure everything is taken care of for the incorporation of your new company.

We can advise and help on each of the following:

  • Initial incorporation (i.e registration at Companies House)
  • Tailor made Articles of Association suited to your individual needs. These is the key document setting out the company’s ‘constitution’ and governs the relationship between its officers and its members, and between the members themselves, and the scope of their powers and interests in the profits of the company
  • Members’ rights, responsibilities and liabilities
  • Directors’ duties and liabilities
  • and, for unincorporated businesses, partnership agreements

Without proper thought and consideration to the above, you could be creating expensive and complicated problems for yourself in the future. We can help you avoid these.

What are the important questions to consider before setting up a company?

There are many things that you need to bear in mind before establishing a company. Here are just a few:

  • How will ownership of the company be divided between the members and what will the rights of the members be?
  • Who will be the officers of the company and what will their rights and responsibilities be?
  • Will the officers be required to refer certain decisions to the members and, if so, how are the members’ voting rights assigned and exercised?
  • What arrangements have to be made regarding financial structure and investors?
  • What happens if a member leaves or a majority of the members want to sell the business?

We can help!

By getting us involved in your company formation at the earliest stage, we can help ensure that all the correct decisions are made, paperwork filled out, and that you are protecting yourself and the business, where possible, from future problems that could easily have been prevented.

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