Legal Executives

What Legal Executives can expect from us

Everyone at Nash & Co is an integral part of a successful team; our core strength is due to the diversity of experience and knowledge – and we hold the principle of diversity very dear; it’s very important to us that we recruit fresh and gifted talent and we cast our net wide to include people from all walks of life.

Why do we hold this principle so high? We represent a wide spectrum of people and businesses, working and advising on the every day transactions of domestic, company and commercial law to the specialist areas of personal injury claims and the sensitivities of relationship breakdown and to do this at a consistently high level, we need a team that thrives on diversity.

If you have the skills and experience and you are looking for an opportunity in law, we are looking for you and with that match comes our commitment to providing you with the training and experience that could take you to the top.

What we are looking for from Legal Executives

There are many different pathways into a career in law and the Legal Executive route offers a great foundation. But we are looking for people who wish to build on that; you’ll need to be a team player, be innovative, have a keen eye for detail, and thrive on solving problems. It goes without saying that we would expect you to have an enthusiasm for exceptional client service.

We are looking for Legal Executives from different backgrounds, with a wide range of experiences, a very strong work ethic, and thorough approach.

When you join us, you’ll be an important part of a close-knit team that has a variety of skills and broad experience to take on the most challenging of cases. We’re proud of our reputation for fostering and supporting talent and providing a professional and friendly environment for all to prosper.