What Trainees can expect from us

We aren’t here to make up the numbers. We want to be the very best we can be, and offer clients the very best service and advice in the area. That’s what we want from our staff too – to be the best and to focus on our clients’ needs and requirements. And similarly, those are areas that we look for in our Trainees too. We aren’t just looking for anyone; we want the best, the most talented, the most client focused individuals. We want those who are keen to build their career with us, and who don’t just want to be a number.

We’ll give you the chance to deliver meaningful, stimulating and rewarding contributions to our clients, get a wide range of experiences across the firm, and work in an environment that will help you to thrive and excel.

We aren’t about churning out Trainee after Trainee. Speak to any of our staff, and they’ll tell you that we care, and we want the very best for them. We’ll ensure that you get the experience that you are looking for and the support you need in order to start and build your career with Nash & Co.


What we are looking for from Trainees

We are looking for the kind of people who will thrive on the challenge of providing the best advice and help to our clients. We want enthusiasm, hard work and a drive to succeed. But so do all law firms.

We don’t just look at your academic background. Of course that’s vitally important, but we look at the person as a whole. We don’t expect you to be the “finished article”, but we want people with the kind of personality that will help them to succeed here at Nash & Co. We want the unflappable, professional, approachable, enthusiastic and creative.

We want the kind of person who won’t be satisfied with just ‘doing the job’. Our Trainees will get real hands-on experience and involvement in big cases, and we expect them to contribute significantly. By doing this, you’ll benefit and so will your career.

We’re looking for someone who will commit to us for the long term, who wants to stay with us, develop with us and help us to become the ‘Firm of Choice’ in the future.

Are you up to the challenge?