Spencer Glazsher

Associate Solicitor
Disputes Resolution

Spencer joined the Nash & Co Dispute Resolution team as an Associate in May 2014, having specialised in litigation for over 25 years. Primarily, he focuses on dealing with complex contractual disputes both on behalf of individuals and corporate entities.

Spencer says, “If my experience has taught me anything it is that the majority of problems can be resolved, or better still avoided, if legal advice is sought at an early stage. Not infrequently this can be by way of a relatively short telephone conversation. So, if in doubt, give me a call, you’ve got nothing to lose.”


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“A unique ability – Spencer is able to dispense insightful and highly useful advice and support in a way that makes perfect sense. He is also very pragmatic and able to figure out the right way through. More notably, when things need some tough legal action he has the determination of a pit bull terrier to pursue a good outcome. Very happy to recommend Spencer, good guy to have on side.”

Jonathan O’Brien
Positive Purchasing & Red Sheet Negotiation