Helping You

We understand that visiting or talking to a lawyer can often be a daunting experience. But we balance the need for giving professional advice and assistance with providing a welcoming atmosphere, and access to skilled, experienced, friendly and approachable lawyers.

Residential Property

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful experiences of many people’s lives – but it needn’t be.

We can cut your costs by anticipating problems before they occur, and we save time by doing most of the paperwork as soon as possible. We also belong to the Fastmove network of solicitors which is dedicated to reducing delays. We’re transparent with our costs, and will never charge extra for phone calls, photocopying or sending documents in the post.

Family Relationships

Family problems require more sensitivity and understanding than almost any other aspect of law. However difficult your problem, we’ll give you sound advice based on years of experience and we’ll ensure you have a clear understanding of your rights. We can help you with everything from divorce and separation to who gets what when you divide your property – and where children are involved, our membership of Resolution ensures we can advise you on the best way to ensure that their welfare is made a priority in all discussions.

Social Services and Your Children

Our Child Care Solicitors specialise in dealing with complex and sensitive child care proceedings. We can provide assistance and advice to parents, family members, children and guardians across all aspects of child care proceedings, including care orders, allegations of abuse, Special Guardianships and adoptions.

Wills, Trust, Tax & Probate

We work with a wide variety of clients including entrepreneurs, land and property owners, High Net Worth Individuals, trustees and family offices.

We have an expert pool of knowledge, helping our clients to mitigate tax, structure their affairs, preserve their property and pass it on to their successors.

We have an open and pragmatic approach, basing our service around the needs of our clients to deliver straightforward solutions to what are often complex matters.

Personal Injury

If you suffer personal injury that was not your fault, we can help you to take fast legal action to recover lost income, medical treatments and fees, compensation for the injury together with other expenses.

We specialise in accidents at work, medical negligence, car accidents, holiday accidents, armed forces claims, accidents in public places, asbestos, deafness, vibration and RSI claims.


Whether you’ve been bullied, dismissed, disciplined, discriminated against or treated unfairly, we can support you and help you understand your options.

If you’re still in your job, we can advise you on all potential employment disputes and problems.

But if you’ve been sacked, or made redundant, we can advise you on settlement agreements, employment tribunal representation, and your chances of winning a claim for unfair or constructive dismissal or discrimination.

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Elderly Law

We have helped clients and their families deal with many conditions including dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, learning disabilities, and damage caused by a stroke. We can help people with many other medical conditions and disabilities too.

Mental Capacity

If someone needs support with managing affairs, we can help create Lasting Powers of Attorney, so the family can act on their behalf in respect of financial affairs.

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