Life circumstances can change and this may result in your finances being affected. In the event of a divorce or separation two people may each need a home, with no additional income and when children are involved, there can be issues of maintenance, school fees, accommodation and sometimes even international travel.

What advice can I expect?

The starting point at Nash &Co is to avoid a legal confrontation where possible through a negotiated, legally binding, financial settlement reached through full and frank disclosure. Where this is not possible Court proceedings may be needed; a process which takes into account factors which are weighted in line with your circumstances. Our team is here to guide you and to build and present the strongest case to Court, taking into account incomes, earning capacities, property and financial resources along with criteria about your age, health and the standard of living enjoyed by the family. And when it comes to pensions, including those associated with the military, police, firefighters, teachers and the medical profession, our specialist team has particular expertise in such areas.

What about all my other questions?

It is possible to prevent disputes entirely by careful planning and taking legal advice at an early stage, for instance, by having a Pre-nuptial Agreement and by drawing up wills that leave nothing to doubt. If you and your partner are in business together, or you marry into a family business, you can head off any future conflicts by having legal agreements that state what should happen in the event of a divorce, separation, bereavement or one party’s wish to sell or leave the business.

How do I plan my next move?

Financial affairs can be complicated at the best of times and during a dispute the details of disclosure and agreement of exactly who is entitled to what can be even more challenging.

The best move is to seek help from the experts as soon as you can. When you get in touch with us we will provide pragmatic advice based on your circumstances and we will help you to understand the process moving forward.

Please get in contact with Anne Shears to help you. Anne’s email address is [email protected] or you can call her direct on 01752 827030.

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