Accident Claims

If you suffer personal injury that is an accident, the person or business who negligently caused the injury is legally liable and must pay financial compensation to the person who has been injured.

“Our team like to use plain English and we know that the starting point for many is to clarify what ‘negligence’ means in the legal context: Negligence is a basic principle of English Law where somebody owes you a responsibility to take reasonable care to avoid causing you an injury.”
Mike Shiers, Partner

What areas do you cover?

Accident Claims can cover motor vehicle accidents, accidents in public places, injuries caused by product defects, brain and spinal injuries, injuries while in the armed forces, injuries while on holiday, injuries at work, and many other claims that are not your fault.

How can you help me?

The Team and Nash & Co will ensure that if an injury to you was not your fault, that you will be able to take fast legal action to receive compensation for the injury and to recover costs associated with lost income and medical treatment.

What should I do next?

If you have a claim or you think that you may have a claim, contact us and we will listen, assess the circumstances and suggest the course of action that you can consider taking. We offer a free, no obligation initial assessment. Please give Mike Shiers or one of the team a call on 01752 827025 or email [email protected].

Accidents happen, but many are avoidable and those that do occur may not be your fault; our job is to provide clear understanding and advice and to help you take fast legal action to recover.