Cycling Accidents

Nash and Co Solicitors Guide to claiming compensation for cycling accidents.


Although you’re the victim, the responsibility of proving your claim is on you. Cycling accidents happen in a split second and it is vital to try to secure as much evidence as quickly as possible if you are physically able to.

This should include getting the contact details of the offending party and his vehicle. Insurance details are not vital as they can be checked against a database if you have the registration number.

Photographs showing any damage to your bike and the other vehicle including any debris on the road can be invaluable.

If your accident has been caused by a pothole it is vital that you identify it and measure it even by reference to another object if you do not have a tape measure. Take a photo or a video of the measured hole. If you see any other potholes, we’d encourage you to report them here.

Even if you don’t have a helmet camera check whether the other driver has any footage and ask them to retain it. Check whether witnesses have any footage from their vehicles.

CCTV can sometimes be helpful. You will need to contact the relevant business or local authority to ensure that the footage is maintained as it is often deleted after a short time.

Even if the Police do not attend you should report the accident to them and obtain a log number.

Call our No Win, No Fee Solicitors for a free consultation on 01752 664444. We will take details and advise you whether you have a claim. This service is free and without any obligation on your part.

More proof!

As well as proving responsibility for the accident you will also have to prove the extent of your losses. Take photos of your bike and any clothing or equipment. Get an estimate for repair or replacement from at least 2 reputable bike shops.

Do not get the bike repaired until you have taken proper legal advice!

Keep any damaged clothing or equipment as the insurers paying the claim may want to inspect it.

Keep all receipts and a note of any expenses. If you have the original receipts that can be helpful too.

Medical advice

You won’t win any medals for being brave. Even if you think you have escaped serious injury it is worth getting yourself checked over by a doctor or other suitably qualified practitioner.

If you need private physio we can arrange this for you. This may be funded by the insurer or in certain cases your fees can be deferred until you receive your compensation.

What now?

The expert team at Nash and Co will do all they reasonably can to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries and out of pocket expenses on a no win no fee basis.

Please contact Michael Shiers or one of the Personal Injury team on 01752 827025 or email him at [email protected] for advice and assistance.