Holiday Injury Claims

Cheap flights and low-cost holidays means that for many, travelling overseas for a break has become the norm rather than the exception, but the reality is that a proportion of these trips turn out to be a nightmare; if you are injured or ill as result of your holiday you may well have claim against the tour operator.

“When you go on holiday as in individual, a couple or a family, you should all expect basic standards to apply – no matter what the cost; that is to say: you would not expect a budget hostel to be of the same standard as a five-star luxury hotel, but both should be of a reasonable standard.”
Mike Shiers, Partner

What should I consider?

You have more rights if you book or have booked a package holiday, simply because the package tour company is responsible and answerable for anything that goes wrong, providing you can prove that it was somebody’s fault; this applies to any holiday, anywhere in the world.

Can you tell me more?

If you booked a package, the travel agent must ensure they have described the hotel and facilities accurately. For example, there must be a swimming pool if the brochure says there is one, or the beach must be within walking distance if that’s what you are told.

What if there is no travel agent?

If you booked the different elements of your holiday independently you have less protection. For example, if you used the internet to book your flight directly with the airline and your accommodation directly with the hotel, it will be much harder to bring a claim if something goes wrong.

In any event, if you think that you have a claim, contact us and talk to our team of experts; there is no charge for this and we will advise you from there as to the best course of action. Give Mike Shiers or one of the team a call on 01752 827025 or email [email protected].