Medical Negligence

The NHS and private health sector employ thousands of dedicated staff who are committed to providing the highest standards of expertise and care at times when we may need it the most, but even with the best intentions, things do go wrong.

“GPs, Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons have our best interests at the forefront of all that they do and we understand that it’s common for many people to feel uncomfortable about bringing a claim against medical professionals, simply because there is rarely any intent to harm, but when things go wrong you are entitled to compensation.”
Mike Shiers, Partner

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence occurs when the care that has been provided is not up to a reasonable standard, which adversely affects the patient’s condition; this could be as a result of misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment or a surgical mistake. Medical negligence can be a difficult area for all involved, so we will work with you in a sympathetic way and not push you into decisions that you are not comfortable with. We work on Fatal Claims and Misdiagnosis Claims.

There is also now a requirement that clinicians explain all reasonable options and the associated risks.

How can you help me?

Nash & Co have a depth of knowledge and broad experience in helping you to make a claim from start to finish; providing expert opinion and advice in the first instance, followed with a step by step approach, from drafting a claim and collecting expert advice to accessing the compensation that gives the level of support that you need.

What should I do next?

Contact us without delay for a free no obligation assessment, as this means that we can act sooner rather than later, while all the details refresh and if the NHS or private healthcare provider admits liability we can get compensation to you quickly. Please speak to Mike Shiers or one of the team to see how we can help you. Mike’s email address is [email protected] or you can reach him on his phone number 01752 827025.

We also know that it’s not all about compensation, you’ll probably want to know why things went wrong and we are here to get the answers too.