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It is often said that buying and selling a house can be one of the most stressful times, but we are here to change that.

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“Our specialist Residential Property Team offers a first-class service and legal advice in all aspects of conveyancing, one that is designed to make the process of buying or selling your personal property as efficient and stress-free as possible. We ensure the highest standards and provide our clients with a friendly, professional, and personal, service”.
Julia Ludlow, Associate, FCILEx

The Residential Property team

Our job at Nash & Co is simple: we are here to help you by using our experience and know-how in all aspects of sales and purchases, including the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme, Help to Buy ISAs, Forces Help to Buy Scheme, new build properties, remortgages, transfers, Buy to Let properties – no matter how complex the transaction may be. We are extremely proud to have a large number of long-standing clients who always turn to Nash & Co Solicitors when they need conveyancing help or advice.

And the advice?

We have been providing conveyancing for many years, so we know that it’s the small things that others may take for granted that really matter and that’s why we provide you with clear advice, regular updates and a transparent pricing structure where there are no hidden fees. And we’ll help navigate through the language and detail of the searches and surveys to exchange and completion. We use a bespoke case management system and are accredited under the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (‘CQS’). This Scheme provides a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices.

How do I find out more?

Get an instant quote for your residential property conveyancing now, or speak to the team by calling 01752 827069 or emailing [email protected]. You will always be able to speak to your qualified conveyancing lawyer or a member of the team.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the conveyancing process take?

The conveyancing process generally takes between 6-12 weeks. This is dependent on how many parties there are in the chain, whether the property is leasehold and how long the mortgage offer takes to be issued.

We always try to work as quickly as possible so that we are not holding up the chain.

I am putting in more money than my partner, how can I protect my investment?

We can draft a Declaration of Trust, which will set out how much you wish any investment to be divided on the sale of the property. We may recommend that you take advice from the Family Department.

Will the costs go up during the process?

Our conveyancing quotes are fixed which means you will know how much you have to pay from the start. If you would like to get a quote for your conveyancing please use our online quote calculator that will give you a full break down of all the costs. Alternatively, if you would like to speak with a member of our team, we can talk you through our quote.

The quote covers everything we would deal with as part of a standard sale or purchase and we would not charge any extra for dealing with mortgages or stamp duty forms. However, if something unexpected arises during the course of the transaction which is outside of the normal conveyancing process, we may need to consider charging an additional fee. We would always discuss this with you first.

With a leasehold sale, where there is a Management Company involved, the management company will charge an additional fee for providing the management information which the buyer’s solicitor will require.

Why do I need searches on my purchase?

If you have a mortgage lender they will require the local search, drainage and water search and the environmental search.

If you do not have a lender, we would recommend searches to ensure that there are no undiscovered defects when you purchase the property, but the choice is yours.

Do I need to come in to see my solicitor?

You do not necessarily have to see your solicitor. We do a lot of our work through by post, telephone and email. However, if you do want to call in to see us, we have onsite parking for clients and will usually have someone available from the team who can spend a few minutes with you.

For a longer visit, we would ask that you make an appointment.

When do I need to transfer my deposit?

We will need your deposit when exchange and completion dates are agreed. This is usually once all documents have been signed and enquires answered and when you are satisfied with all the information provided to you.

What is the difference between exchange and completion?

Exchange of contracts is the point when the transaction becomes a binding contract. Prior to this, there is no contract between the parties and they are both free to withdraw from the transaction or negotiate the purchase price.

Once exchange of contracts has taken place, neither party can withdraw from the process without incurring liability for breach of contract. The financial penalty for breach of contract is usually 10% of the purchase price.

Completion is the day when the purchaser’s solicitor sends the completion monies to the seller’s solicitor. Once the purchase funds are received, the seller’s solicitors instruct the estate agent to release the keys to the purchaser and the purchaser becomes the legal owner of the property. The seller’s solicitor will then repay any existing mortgage on the seller’s behalf and will send all original title documentation to the buyer’s solicitor.