Ellen Yeates

Ellen Yeates

Chartered Legal Executive and Team Leader
Asset & Debt Recovery Team

I joined Nash & Co from a larger law in 2018 where I trained as a junior lawyer to eventually leading my own team. The attraction of working for Nash & Co is that it combines working with leading lawyers in their fields with a firm which has the fundamental ethos of putting clients first.

Working at Nash & Co means you will be working at a professional firm in the heart of Plymouth, with an established reputation, a keen ambition to grow and a desire to deliver top quality service.

I believe in working with our lawyers as a team to ensure that right across the firm we can deliver the best possible client service available while also focusing on our regional roots. I try to encourage the team to keep up to date with current affairs so that we can anticipate and advise on what may be any crucial changes for our clients and the region.

Nash & Co believe in attracting and developing the best talent to build on its growing success.  As a team leader, I am focused on ensuring we develop and retain the very best talent the firm can and motivating those individuals, whichever route to qualification they have taken, to ensure organic growth of the firm through its people.