Ian Grimshaw

Ian Grimshaw

Partner and Team Leader
Employment Team

“Before I joined Nash & Co, I worked as a Senior Associate in Southampton.

I knew of Nash & Co, prior to joining, and was aware of its reputation as a “plodding” firm; however, I was conscious that Nash & Co had aspirations to improve its reputation and grow to become a leading firm. This was something I was very keen to be a part of.

Since I have joined Nash & Co, the firm has changed gears and is focusing on quality and growth.  From speaking to staff who knew the firm of old, it is apparent that the change has been welcomed and embraced across the firm.  As a Partner in a smaller practice, I am able to be at the forefront of the strategy of the firm and genuinely have day to day involvement in shaping an exciting business.

It is important to me that a firm is financially sound and, as a Partner, the finances of the firm, for obvious reasons, become much more important than when you are more junior in the firm.  At Nash & Co, there is no secrecy or “partial accounts”: the Partners see everything, warts and all.  From my perspective, knowing that my capital is being used responsibly and profitably is core; also, seeing my investment aid in the growth of a firm and the development of its staff is very rewarding.

In relation to valuing staff, this is something that all firms say they do, but very few firms actually do.  At Nash & Co, the value of our staff is fundamental to us: if staff contribute to the development of the firm, the firm will contribute to their own development.  None of our staff is a number: we are always acutely aware that we are nothing without great staff and we do all that we can to ensure that their value is known and rewarded.

Finally, I come to location! I’ve worked in modern office parks and in city centre blocks and had that feeling of just “existing”. From my office window, I look over the an Elizabethan harbour and then onwards to the sea.  I will never take for granted having great quality of work and working in an ambitious law firm, all whilst living by the sea and just fifteen minutes away from the expanse of Dartmoor.  Work life balance is an over used phrase; however, at Nash & Co it is true.”