Kirstin Sibley

Family Relationships Team

Since my initial interview with Nash and Co it has been clear that the firm believe in delivering excellent legal services which is mirrored in their approach to career progression. Nash actively encourage development and are extremely accommodating in ensuring I access training that will further my knowledge and expertise. Every lawyer wants to be the best at what they do and key to this is a firm who encourage and facilitate growth. Aside from the support, one of the many benefits the firm offers is it’s open and honest forward-thinking approach. This transparency coupled with the promotion of discussing ideas provides all workers with a valid voice.

I am often asked about my commute in from the depths of Cornwall where, quite rightly, the jam comes first. I can honestly say that the commute does not impact on my working morale. The train affords me exceptional views, which calm my mind, and time to read a book I don’t find time to read at home. When a networking event has been arranged by the firm, they will discuss this with me in advance to ensure that there is minimal impact on my travel arrangements. It is this considerate and flexible approach, amongst many things, that encourages such a positive working relationship.

I am really pleased that I joined Nash and Co and look forward to continuing to better my career with them