What We Do Wednesday: Asset & Debt Recovery

Category: Asset & Debt Recovery

It’s time for #WhatWeDoWednesday! Our weekly feature giving an insight into what it is that we actually do behind the Nash & Co doors. If you haven’t yet read one of these insights then do check out some of our previous posts to find out all about Nash and our team! This week we presenting our Asset & Debt Recovery team, ran by Ellen Yeates.

 Asset & Debt Recovery

Ellen Yeates

We act for businesses and individuals, helping guide them through the best way to recover bad debts, and deal with disputes.

We understand that debt recovery and litigation is usually a distressed purchase and rather than throw good money after bad, it may seem to compound the issue when you think you may have to pay out more to get a solicitor’s help. That’s not necessarily true. We can offer ‘no recovery, no fee’ solutions so that you don’t pay a penny if we can’t make a recovery, or prepare bespoke letters before claim which suit your terms and conditions – for as little as £25.00 plus VAT each.


We can also help guide you through the small claims process, using our cost-effective service designed for these types of claims. We understand that the value of the claim doesn’t mean that the legal issues and procedures are not still challenging. We pro-actively chase your debt no matter how small or large, and use a tailored approached for each debtor, to ensure we maximise returns for you – making a distressed purchased, much less stressed!


We work with trusted partners who help us track down a debtor who has moved, or find out about your debtor’s assets and income, in order to maximise returns for you. We work with our business clients to identity any trends or common issues which they may be experiencing, so we can identify these and work to streamline our client’s cash flow processes.


As well as debts, we can help you recover assets whether It be land or plant, and have many years of experience of dealing with possession claims, delivery up of goods and other asset recovery claims.


Whatever you need back, we will do our best to get it for you.


We’ll be back next week with a new team to introduce!